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CNMP will release 40G series products: eWAVE51004 and eWAVE54001
2011-5-23 17:29:34   

In May 23, 2011, CNMP announces that they will release the first 40G DWDM transport product series: eWAVE5xxxx. This series will include two products: eWAVE51004 and eWAVE54001.

eWAVE51004 is designed to aggregate four 10Gb/s client data into one 40Gb/s data stream. The four tributaries can support 10GE, OC192, FC1200 or OTU2. Line side of eWAVE51004 supports OTU3 and OTU3e2 defined by G.709 standard. For the using DPSK and 50GHz, full C/L band tunable optical module, eWAVE51004 is very suitable in high capacity DWDM system of regional or metro application. It integrates PDC and pre-amplifier, makes it compatible with old 10G DWDM systems.

eWAVE54001 is a 40G transponder, may support 40GE in client side, and 40G OTN in line side. Just as eWAVE51004, it uses DPSK and 50GHz, full C/L band tunable optical module, and integrates PDC and pre-amplifier.

eWAVE5xxxx series product is a new generation, high performance and low cost 40G DWDM product, which can be widely used in regional, metro and data center application.